Our leaders say LIT Bible Study began for one reason: it was the will of God. It took two years of prayer and discernment before meetups began, but once they did, the young millennials who started LIT never looked back. 

In 2017, our founder Chloe decided to host bible study meetings at her house, despite feeling like she lacked the wisdom and stability to keep a group like this going. Ultimately, her desire to help millennials struggling to get close to God superseded her insecurities and pushed her to lead this group, a group centered around Godly community. 

Chloe’s original plan was to host bible study during the month her church bible study wasn’t convening. One month quickly became two, relationships formed and the original members of LIT began growing in God like never before. 

As each member grew in God, LIT grew in members. Chloe transitioned from being the bible study leader, and turned the reins over to friend Joe Gill, who had played an instrumental role in developing LIT. Now, over a  year later, a group that started as 20 has grown to more than 100 members. And, this is just the beginning.

Join us as we continue to grow in relationship with Christ and each other. 



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Chloe Airhart

Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Joe Gill

Co Founder and Chief Curriculum Officer

Cimajie Best

Chief Operations Officer


Syleste Davis

Chief Financial Officer


Shani Young

Chief Communications Officer


Small Group Leaders

Foday Conteh
Small Group Leader

Amber Gibson
Small Group Leader

Cimajie Best
Small Group Leader

Jarell Odom
Small Group Leader

Amber Williams
Small Group Leader

Jenese Shaw
Small Group Leader